Hear South Bay Music Association Play Holiday Music All Over Town

What can raise the spirits and enhance the holidays for people of all ages? It’s music honoring this delightful season of celebration.

South Bay Music Association presents a long list of holiday performances at special events in the community. Hear the Segundo Saxes and ES Brass
Ensemble playing at the Redondo Stroll on November 30th and the Segundo Saxes will also play at the El Segundo Farmers Market on November 30th after 4 PM to bring the Christmas spirit to your holiday shopping.

You will find the El Segundo Concert Band Brass playing at the popular El Segundo Tree Lighting in Library Park on Saturday, December 2nd from 3 PM to 4 PM.

Then the opening of Candy Cane Lane with spectacular
Christmas scenes featuring bright lights that bring stars to our eyes will have their Grand Opening on December 9th at 6:30 PM.  The entire El Segundo Concert Band will play holiday music and entertain to bring even more holiday sparkle to the event.

Pick and choose or attend all of these free musical performances that will add more joy to the world at these uplifting and fun holiday gatherings.  
SBMA Sponsors
High School Band
South Bay Music Association provides the majority of funding for the high school band.  Band parents have joined with us to operate fundraisers, provide donations and solicit sponsors.