Elementary/Middle School Percussion/Drumline Class starting now!

For students in 4th-8th grade

No experience necessary


Auditions for all students:

Date/Time: January 23rd from 3:00-4:00 PM

Location: ESHS Band Room

First Class: Monday, January 30th - ESHS Band Room

Class will meet on every Monday and Wednesday


from 2:00-3:00 PM in the ESHS BAND ROOM

Student’s will work with Mallet and Auxiliary Percussion


from 3:00-4:00 PM in the ESMS Band Room

Student’s will work on Rudimental Percussion

Call or email to Edie Rice for more info:

310-322-1210, edie.rice@sbmusic.org

$250- Fee includes instruction, drum pad and sticks

Make checks to SBMA (South Bay Music Association)


Mr. Kevin Sticht is our instructor.  He has extensive DCI (Drum Corps International) experience, and is a recent graduate from Fullerton as a percussion major. No experience is necessary! We will demonstrate each skill we would like you to try. Our audition includes an assessment of the student's steady beat, basic coordination and stick control, and fourth grade-level music reading skills.


We do a basic "monkey see - monkey do" evaluation with a stick and pad. I play 8 on a hand and they play it back to me. I sometimes do a "Pep-si Co-ca Co-la" thing (two 8ths and 4 16ths) as well. I am not looking for anything more than some basic coordination.

play some James Brown, TOP or Kool and the Gang and ask the kids to clap along to the music. I start the tune in some awkward spot and see if the kids can find the tempo and clap along to the pulse. If a kid can't do this, then they are going to have some serious problems with pulse, time & tempo. Kids who can nail it, or even clap on 2 & 4 naturally, are the kids with a strong sense of time.

Class begins Jan 30

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Elementary Band 

Spring Semester

The El Segundo Elementary Band Program is now in it’s 20th year with Mrs. Edie Rice as the director.  Classes are held at Center Street or Richmond Street School. Students receive group and individualized instruction from professional musicians and accomplished teachers each week.

Alumni of the elementary band program have consistently performed well academically and musically in middle school and high school.  Many have gone on to play music in college and a few have elected to study music at the college level.   

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South Bay Music Association provides the majority of funding for the high school band.  Band parents have joined with us to operate fundraisers, provide donations and solicit sponsors.