Donors for 2008 - 2009
The El Segundo Concert Band gratefully acknowledges the people and organizations that have contributed generously to us this season
Music Director Level
$1,000 and up

Charles and Jean Porter
Mike and Edie Rice 
Weyman Robinson
Deno Soria, International Gardens
Universal Studios
Erland Wittig

We especially thank Bell Event Services for making it affordable for us to provide an audio visual experience to our concert patrons throughout the years 

Conductor Level  
$500 - $999  

Concert Master Level  
$250 - $499  
Ching Fong & Charles Chang
Danny Roque
Jihui and Wen Wang (Li) 

Principal Level  
$100 - $249  
Ellen Avak
Ara Avik
Carl Doby
Greg Filzen
Dave Gold
Carl and Nancy Jacobson
Steve and Liz Obadashian
Joe Moore 
Elyse Rothstein, Industrial Lock and Key
Polly Schneider
Gigi and Gary Thompson 

Musician Level  
$50 - $99  
John & Shiela Fowler
Gardys & Bruce Kohmann
Bill Mateer
Mary and Mike Rotolo 

Patron Level  
$25 - $49  
Mary Cooper
Janice Cruikshank
Dean Davis
Olga & Philip Georgious
John Gutt
Alison & John Hart
Adriana Hoover
Sharon Hurst
Maureen Lorenson
Jim Matthews  
Virginia and Edward Nystrom 
Nancy Peters 
Abraham Santiago, Jr.
Grace Schupbach
Richard Stout
Kelly Watson
Dave Wilmot 


The El Segundo Concert Band raises funds for a variety of performing and music education programs in our community, including the local schools. If you would like to become a donor, click on the button below  to use a credit card or a Paypal account


The El Segundo Concert Band
is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit
corporation in the State of California.
Charitable Donation Tax ID: 33-1031620