The El Segundo Concert Band operates a
variety of programs in our community


The Community Band has performed at several community events, including:
  • 4th of July pre-fireworks show
  • Christmas parade
  • Candy Cane Lane opening night
  • Hometown Fair
  • Concerts in the Park
  • Grand opening of Wells Fargo
  • El Segundo's 90th birthday celebration
  • Plaza El Segundo's "Art Among the Trees"
  • Grand opening of the El Segundo Performing Arts Center
Two or three times a year, the Band puts on its own concerts, developing a reputation for surprising audiences with the unusual kinds of talent and special capabilities we can assemble from nearby artists and other companies.

Click here to see the list of our band members.

The Band rehearses on Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm in the El Segundo High School Band room. 
 To attend, call 424-242-ESCB (3722)


In the fall of 2006, we began operating the Elementary After-school Band Program for Center Street and Richmond Street students.  Until that time, the School District employed one teacher who taught band at both schools.
We were able to hire three teachers and one assistant, and supplement that with four volunteer members of the Community band and six volunteer students from the high school band.
The high school students are enrolled in our mentoring program and learn how to teach the younger musicians.  About a third of these high school volunteers began their musical career in the elementary band program.
Forty to sixty-five students typically enroll in the band program.


Periodically, we find performing or education groups that stand out or have a special expertise that we know will be invaluable to the music students in our community.  We finance them to put on shows or clinics for students.
An example is 
Paradigm Brass, a classical ensemble that plays modern jazz, funk, blues, rock & roll, hip-hop and salsa. The ensemble began playing classical music on the streets and in sub-way stations in San Francisco in 2002. It didn't take long before the band began incorporating elements of New Orleans second-line as well as other genres into its own personal style that is decidedly contemporary and urban. 

We hired them to put on clinics at all four El Segundo Schools, and to perform at the high school band's spring concert.


As part of the Middle School transition to the new International Baccalaureate structure, the School District asked ESCB to create a supplementary band program to augment the instruction provided during the school day.   That program, called Distinct Advantage, enables students entering the high school band to have the same or better skill level than they do currently.


The Music Symposium is a specialized, annual, two-week summer camp in which students learn breathing exercises for working on their tone, rhythm exercises for
playing precisely in an ensemble setting, music theory for understanding compositions, and techniques for
performing solos in auditions.  Students receive individual attention, small-ensemble experience,  as well as large group experience.

Education Director Edie Rice and Music Director Steve Fox use the California State Curriculum Standards for Music Education to create the content for the camp. Other Los Angeles area music professionals are hired for special performances and clinics.
The Symposium is open to all band students in the South Bay.


With loss of funding from Sacramento for school instrumental programs, the El Segundo School District asked ESCB to help raise money to keep the award-winning high school band program intact.  Many of the high school band parents joined forces with us to establish a number of different programs to help bring in money.

Through generous contributions from our audiences and sponsors, gracious gifts from our band members, and tireless work of high school band parents, we have raised more than $50,000 during this past school year.

The El Segundo Concert Band
is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit
corporation in the State of California.
Contact us at:
329 E. Walnut Ave
El Segundo, CA 90245
or call 424-242-ESCB (3722)