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"A Child's Magical Dreams" Concert

                                     July 25, 2009


Working with International Gardens, the Community Band created an Enchanted Forest in the El Segundo High School South Quad.   The show's theme brought the audience back to that child-like place of wonder and imagination. 

Music from magical movies like Fantasia, Harry Potter, Aladdin, Pinocchio, and E.T. the Extra Terrestrial was featured. 

Chef Hannes created Hypnotic Hannes Hot Dogs just for the show. 

Coming in from the Las Vegas, Paul Draper, house magician at the Venetian Hotel, mesmerized the audience by turning a bath bubble into a crystal ball as the lead in to the band playing a selection from The Planets. Also an accomplished singer, Paul began our show with singing Pure Imagination from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

A Child's Magical Dreams was the showcase for students in the South Bay Music Symposium that we operate the two weeks leading up to the concert.  The Symposium is a joint venture with the Golden State Pops Orchestra
(GSPO) to bring top-quality professional instruction to our students.

The Symposium is a specialized, two-week summer program from consisting of Instrumental and Conducting tracks. 

Instrumental students get immersed in the advanced portions of California State Curriculum Standards for Music Education, which include advanced breathing
exercises for tone enhancement, rhythm exercises for precise playing in an ensemble setting, music theory for understanding compositions and techniques for performing solos in auditions. 

The conducting students were given classroom instruction and individualized coaching.  Each got to conduct during the Community Band's final two rehearsals leading up the show.  One of the students, Roberto Pasquariello, was honored with conducting Sheherazade during the actual concert.

The two main instructors were our Education Director Edie Rice, and our Musical Director Steven Fox.  In addition, three Emmy and Grammy nominees and award winners taught master classes on their areas of expertise.